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Introduction to Rust Rookie

By James Sinkala.

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Rust Rookie, just as the self-explanatory name entails is a technical content website where Rust "rookies" can begin their Rustlang journey. As we progress, we'll learn several Rustlang concepts accompanied with intuitive examples for all levels.

So, for absolute beginners it is advisable to follow the content chronologically but for familiar developers, you can jump around as you please.

Prerequisites to learning Rust

Though not compulsory a background in object oriented languages such as C, C++ or Java will simplify the learning curve for a Rust rookie.

While on this journey it will be great to have a farmiliar face that also happens to be a rookie at Rust accompanying us, so let's get acquainted to a friend.

Hello, I'm Rookie, Rust Rookie. Just as my name entails, I am new to Rust as I can assume that you might also be, let's get on this journey together and try to learn what the Rustlang is all about and create cool stuff while at it.

Whenever you see my rust face, you can take note of that important tip, copy or practice that code block.

I'll also emphasize on important Rustlang concepts.

See you around.

When we need to view and learn off a practical example, the code blocks will be presented as follows.

Here's a code block example:
fun main() {
  let name = "Rookie";
  let name = "Rust Rookie";

  println("My name is {}", name);

For emphasis on Rustlang concepts and important notes, Mr. Rookie will be highlighing them as follows.


To get the maximum learning value out of the content in this website, engage in practical programming by running the code blocks provided inside the posts to see them in action, modify the code integrating everything you learn so that it sticks.

Learning Resources

The learning resources, such as example code and pdf cheatsheets used inside the posts will be available on the following Github repository.

Rust Rookie's Code Examples Github Repository

On this public repository you'll have access to the source code provided in all the examples provided inside the posts.

Welcome rookie, we hope you enjoy learning Rust off the intuitive content we've prepared just as we have preparing it.

James Sinkala

James is a Full Stack developer who loves sharing his knowledge with others in the form of technical writing.